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Extension Maths

Extension Maths is timetabled for Tuesday afternoons from 2-3pm in the Gallery.

In consultation with teachers, a selected group of students in Years 3-6 were invited to join Extension Maths.

Extension Maths is a project based inquiry. Students  are given the opportunity to transfer and utilise their mathematical knowledge to real life situations. In Terms 1 & 2, students will work in groups of 2 or 3 to create a house. They will be given a scenario, where students will be given a budget, a block of land and council regulations and requirements. Every odd weeks, specific teaching and learning lessons will be taught to assist them in their creation of their home and also this is the allocated time to work on the development of their home on paper. On even weeks, the Computer Lab is booked so they can design their home on Easyhome Homestyler where they will be able to view the layout on 2D or 3D. They will also be using the excel program to itemise and list their expenditure.

The goal for Extension Maths is not only to excel them but to allow them to build upon their knowledge in math and close any missing "gaps" in their learning. It is also to keep students engaged and have fun learning maths.  

As we go along this learning journey I will continue to update and upload photos of the students' progress. So don't forget to check back on this page!  

Mrs Celeste